How screwed is PEI?

The Liberals say their promises will only cost $25 million, because their plans for new windmills won’t cost anything at all.  What a great deal they are getting on windmills!  How can I get me one of them there free windmills, says I.

Number of times the Liberal platform mentions: debt= 0, deficit = 0, balanced budget = 0

The Tories are coming in at $60 million in new promises, but that includes 1% of the 2% cut they want to make to the PST.  The other 1% they don’t even include a cost estimate for.  Never mind, unlike CBC some of us don’t regard tax cuts as equivalent to spending increases, but leave that there for now.

Number of times the PC platform mentions: debt = 0, deficit = 0, balanced budget =0.

The province ran a $54 million dollar deficit last year, and is projecting a $42 million dollar deficit this year.

PEI has the third-highest debt-to-GDP ratio in the country, and nobody’s even talking about it.  It’s like watching two sumo wrestlers fight over a cheeseburger.


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